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    Elastic Band

    Every sewing project can be more dynamic when you use elastic bands for sewing. Our collection of elastics makes it easy to find the right elastic band for your project. Everything moves and stretches in the right direction when you use a quality elastic band.

    Perfect Fit

    Every project would be more satisfactory if you could ensure you had the products and measurements for the perfect fit every time. Elastic band makes the goal of getting a perfect fit even more achievable. We are sure that elastic band for sewing is the perfect fit for your sewing project.

    The Easiest Job

    Choosing the right closures for your garments can be a challenging undertaking, but we hope to make the task of choosing a little easier. Many agree that elastic band is the most forgiving and easy-to-work-with material that is available. Check out our selection and your job will get even easier.

    Old and New

    Elastic is such a traditional material that has been used for decades, but our customers are always finding new ways to use this fun material. Elastic band sewing isn’t just for sewing anymore! Whether you choose to use this material the traditional way or looking to be more creative, it will be important to keep sewing elastic band for sewing on hand.

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