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Elastics In Bulk

Variety of Elastic Bands for Sewing

We agree with your customers. Elastic bands for sewing are our favorite too. It’s hard to beat the comfort of a garment that is made with elastic bands. Elastic bands help every piece of clothing fit perfectly. Source your elastic bands with Fararti, and save money.

Delicate Structure Interesting Colors

Thin elastic bands can be added to almost any design to add just a little bit of structure or to add interest in the right places. Your customers add colorful bands to the edges of their clothing to add attractive new focal points. Keep a variety of dainty elastics on hand, and fuel their ingenuity.

The Right Amount of Stretch

These strong bands can be the backbone of any project. Heavy elastic bands can be critical for the function of any number of projects besides sewing. Keep an assortment of elastics on hand so that your customers can choose the perfect fit. Picking the right amount of stretch for each project is a job we can leave up to your customers.

Never Let You Down

Fararti supplies you with the kind of elastics you and your customers can really count on. Choose from our wide variety of elastic bands. Our standard of quality and our low prices will never let you down. You will be pleased with your choice to let Fararti supply you with elastics in bulk.