DecoArt, SoSoft Fabric Paint, 1oz.

Item # 421005000003-1
DecoArt,  SoSoft Fabric Paint,  1oz.

DecoArt, SoSoft Fabric Paint, 1oz.

Item # 421005000003-1
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SoSoft Fabric paint stays bright and bold, and it does not feel like you are wearing cardboard. This paint will not crack, peel, or harden. Yes it is washing-machine safe! Throw it in there and enjoy your custom creation. DecoArt is the brand trusted by more art educators than any other on the market. For over 35 years, we have been creating premium paint, so you can create your best.

  • Produced in the USA

  • Opaque coverage

  • Water-based

  • Pre-wash wearables without adding any fabric softeners

  • Do not use bleach or detergent with special additives such as whitener or lemon scents.

  • Apply with a brush, sponge, or stamp.

  • Allow paint to lay on top of the fabric for a bit to allow adequate blending time.

Do not use SoSoft fabric paints with regular acrylic paint on surfaces you will want to wash. Regular acrylics require fabric medium and heat setting. SoSoft color names coordinate with Americana Acrylics color names, which means you can substitute SoSoft fabric paints in Americana project instructions calling for the same colors.

Prevent paint from bleeding through fabric by separating layers with a piece of cardboard wrapped with plastic, freezer paper, or foil.
Remove fabric before completely dry to prevent it from sticking.
Allow to dry for 48-72 hours and then wash inside-out on the gentle cycle. Hang to dry or dry on low heat. Do not dry clean. Soap and water clean up. Tested for excellence on fabric, faux leather, leather, and canvas.

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