Jewelry Pins In Bulk

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Jewelry Pins In Bulk

Jewelry Eye Pins

These simple time savers can help even the newest jewelry maker get projects done quickly. These pins are created to be easily manipulated into any shape with minimal effort. Customers may use these pins to secure their beadwork in place, or they might use them for bead links or charm links.

Dependable Head Pins

Our flexible yet sturdy head pins are really miracle workers. They can turn any bead into the star of the show. Customers love these pins because their stopper design allows them to turn any bead into a pendant.

Colors and Metals

Your customers know how to choose the right color and material so that their design looks flawless. Besides the basic silver and gold colors, there are many other choices. Brass-plated, copper-plated, gunmetal, and steel are the ones that we find our customers coming back for. It’s no wonder that artists choose these pins to create a simplistic ending to a beautiful creation.

Go to Great Lengths

These pins come in a variety of lengths. Your customers need to know that you’ll have what they need on hand. Besides the most common lengths, we have some of the harder-to-find sizes in all their favorite materials. We go to great lengths to keep your customers happy with a range of sizes.