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    Not just a knot More information about Macrame under the images.
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    Tied Together

    It’s hard to find a craft that is so accessible for every generation. Every decade is tied together with this fun craft. Time flies by but this classic never seems to change. It’s surprising what can be made from a creative hand and a few basic knots.

    Hearty Art

    Macrame is meant to be strong and beautiful. These stylish projects can really do the hefty work. Macrame is often used for hanging plants, rugs, and functional furniture. Nothing is quite as versatile as macrame.

    Tasteful Creation

    You can count on strength and elegance when you choose to use macrame around the house. You can use macrame to create tasteful wall art, lanterns, and minimalistic decorations.

    Life and Texture

    When everyone can join in on the fun, you will be surprised at what you can dream up. You will feel satisfied as you watch macrame bring life and texture to any space. Creating macrame is enjoyable but is also satisfying to include in your home.

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