Jump Rings

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    As our weakest link More information about Jump Rings under the images.
    10 products
    Jump Rings

    Metal Rings for Crafts

    It’s no secret that our jewelry is only as strong as its weakest link. When you shop online with Fararti you’ll find incredibly durable metal rings for crafts that will put your mind at ease. The smallest details make the biggest impact.

    First and Only Stop

    We priortitize having a wide variety of different metal rings available on our website. With the complete collection that you have to choose from, it’s no wonder that Fararti is infact the first and last stop for many creators.

    All Fun, Zero Frustration

    Jump rings, slit rings and double rings can make your job so much easier when you have them on hand. Having the right ring means that creating can be all fun and zero frustration. Make sure you have a complete collection so that you’ll be ready to capture your inspiration.

    Enjoy Shopping Online

    We love that you have chosen to shop online with us. We have been enjoying serving our customers in person, but now our shopping experience is even easier. We have the same great products, and more importantly the best customers service yet.

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