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    Resin & Clay

    Resin Art

    Vivid colors come to mind when we talk about resin art. Our quality resin will make the goal of shocking hues and scrumptious textures achievable. It won’t matter if you are trying to create something new or encapsulate a keepsake, our resin and resin molds will always be on your team.

    Choose Clay

    When you get your hands on our clay the creamy texture will give you chills. Choose clay and this ‘hands-on’ experience will regulate your senses. There will be no reason to stop creating when we deliver your choice of clay to your door.

    Fun and Forgiving

    Clay is fun and possibly one of the most forgiving forms of crafting. It’s the right choice for your little ones, but also for advanced artists. Use clay to create functional household items that would also be right at home in museums and art galleries.

    Bet on the Results

    Getting the right results depends heavily on the quality of the products used. We put great effort into delivering the clay and resin that is the right fit for all of your projects. If you are looking for a variety of clay, resin, and resin molds we are sure you’ll find what you need in our online store.

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