Googly Eyes

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    The eyes say it all More information about Googly Eyes under the images.
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    Googly Eyes

    Googly Eyes Art

    Everyone can join in when we are making googly eyes art. There are a limitless amount of arts and crafts online that call for googly eyes. Do a quick internet search and you will find enchanting ideas for googly eyes art.

    School Arts and Crafts

    When you have googly eyes on hand you’ll be able to immediately upgrade every crafting project. When you are stocking up for the school year, googly eyes are a must-have. Keep a fresh supply of all shapes and sizes of googly eyes so you’ll have what you need throughout the year.

    It's Alive!

    Everything comes to life with googly eyes! Inanimate objects seem to suddenly awaken when you give them their own set of eyes. Once you’ve given them eyes to see with, every object seems to have its own personality. Unleash the magical power of these silly eyes and you’ll find everything smiling back at you.

    Simple Joy

    Such a simple thing as googly eyes can give you so much joy! Googly eyes can give everyone in the office a good laugh. Googly eyes bring out the child in all of us and bring happiness to our hearts.

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