Gross Grain Ribbon

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    Delicately woven, incredibly strong More information about Gross Grain Ribbon under the images.
    10 products
    Gross Grain Ribbon

    Unparalleled Versatility

    When we talk about ribbon, you can’t find a more delicate option that has as much strength as a grosgrain ribbon. This ribbon can be used for fanciful decoration, or be a sturdy and functioning part of any project. Robust with a light and airy appearance, it provides the versatility you need in your collection.

    Impressive Collection

    Grosgrain ribbon has never let us down and we keep a complete collection on hand. While browsing our different color options make sure you check out our different dimensions and lengths. We are pleased to offer you a complete collection of grosgrain ribbon.

    Team Player

    Our ribbon is a perfect choice to incorporate into a complex, multidimensional project. Grossgrain ribbon has no trouble taking the back seat and playing a supportive role. Gross grain ribbon is truly a team player.

    Keeps its Promises

    This ribbon is everything you’d hope it would be, it won’t disappoint. Grosgrain ribbon is the solution to many dilemmas. This material is the most affordable way to spice up almost any project. We have the ribbon that you need for anything you can dream up.

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