Macrame In Bulk

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Ready to tie the knot! More information about Macrame In Bulk under the images.
4 products
Macrame In Bulk

Macrame Supplies

Your customers are ready to do great things, in the most creative way possible. These natural fibers are constantly in demand for crafters around the world. The art of macrame has been a uniting force for decades. With our top rated macrame supplies, they’ll never be tied down.

Decorative and Durable

From furniture to fairy lights macrame can be anything from the fundamental element to the finishing touch. You need the cord that they can count on for strength and elegance. With macrame, you can be sure their projects will keep getting bigger, so grow with them when you buy macrame cord in bulk.

Functional and Fun

Knot by knot your customers are making impossibly creative macrame crafts. Macrame has limitless possibilities and for that reason is beloved by a wide range of individuals of all ages. Here are some of the most popular designs:

• Plant hangers
• Wall art
• Minimalistic art
• Lanterns
• Rugs
• Nautical decorations